Antique Oriental Rug Cleaning   Antique Rug Restoration Boston

Quadrifoglio Gallery is Boston’s most selective source for antique Oriental rugs. In addition to specializing in the sale of antique Oriental rugs, Quadrifoglio Gallery offers expert cleaning, restoration and insurance appraisals for antique rugs and carpets for clients in the Boston area and throughout New England.

Please, call Douglas Stock at (781) 690-5710 with any questions regarding how we can help you care for your valuable antique rugs.

Please note: as antique rugs require specialized attention, our prices for cleaning are considerably higher than most other firms. For many Oriental rugs of less than approximately 100 years of age and/or of lesser value, there are a number of other Oriental rug cleaners in the Boston area who are reputable.

Quadrifoglio Gallery also offers written insurance appraisals of antique rugs. Please, view our antique rug appraisals page for more information.

Thank you.