6.7 x 9.7 Uncommon Room Size Antique Afshar Carpet, South Persia, Circa 1895

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6.7 x 9.7 Room Size Antique Afshar Carpet, South Persia, Circa 1895

The Afshar tribal group, based largely in south central Persia with a residual group in northwest Persia, wove both nomadic rugs and village rugs by members of the group who had settled into a sedentary life style. Very few room size Afshar weavings appear to have been produced. The complex and beautifully colored late 19th century Afshar carpet measures slightly larger than 6 feet by 9 feet, the point at which smaller weavings, referred to as “rugs”, become known as “carpets”.

The navy blue field contains four diamond shaped medallion with latch hook or animal head trim. Small flowers and abstract geometric forms also decorate the field. Three large salmon colored sections with stepped trim come in from the sides, with smaller sections at the top and bottom, creating a sort of second field around the navy field.

A series of borders, with a sky blue inner border, a Reciprocal Trefoil central border and a series of smaller borders including a polychromatic diagonal stripe design and an ivory outer border frame the field.

An outstanding example.

Private collection New England

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