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3.11 x 5.9 Antique Chi Chi Rug, Northeast Caucasus, Circa 1890

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This finely woven antique Chi Chi rug features a rare sky blue field. The design has great character, where the weaver changed the style of motifs used in the field and utilized an elaborate series of borders including the classic Chi Chi style major border, green and ivory guard borders, and a Reciprocal Trefoil outer border.

Antique Chi Chi rugs, which were woven in the Kuba district in the northeast Caucasus, are among the most prized type of Caucasian rugs woven in the 19th century. This outstanding example would be a great addition to a collection of antique Caucasian rugs and, with the sky blue field, is very decorative and suitable for light floor use, on a wall or table.

Acquired directly from an exceptional New York family collection.

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