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4.9 x 9.5 Antique Shirvan Long Rug, Northeast Caucasian, Circa 1890

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Antique Persian and Caucasian rugs with that are longer than more standard size “scatter rugs” and wider than “runners” are often referred to as “long rugs”. This antique Shirvan long rug was woven in the northeast Caucasus. Shirvan rugs with this basic format, with a series of medallions terminating in “flame palmettes”, are often incorrectly attributed to the village of Karagashli, which is located further north in the Kuba district. Karagashli rugs, which reflects generally differences between Shirvan and Kuba weavings, tend to be heavier, with a more ribbed weave. Karagashli rugs also generally feature blue selvedges, as well as blue end finishes. The lighter weave, ivory selvedge and ivory end finish of this rug all point to an origin in the Shirvan district, despite the ostensible similarity to Karagashli rugs.

The design in this piece is charming, with latchook motifs, stylized flowers, Boteh (Paisley shape motif) and abstract geometric forms. The colors are warm and wide ranging, with ample use of yellow, sky blue, green, brick red and ivory on a navy field.