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4 x 6 Fine Antique Senneh Rug, Herati Design, Northwest Persia, Circa 1885

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Antique Senneh rugs that are this finely woven are not often found in the exceptional condition this piece is in. With lustrous pile and a wide color range, this Senneh features the classical Herati design on a brick red field.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this Senneh rug is the border system, which features a pale sky blue major border with leaves and flowerheads, flanked by yellow and sky blue guard borders.

Antique Senneh rugs were woven in Kurdistan Province in northwest Persia, not far from where antique Bidjar rugs were produced. Both villages produced many examples utilizing the Herati design, consisting of a flowerhead within a diamond that has four leaves or fish around it. While antique Senneh rugs and antique Bidjar rugs share many attributes, their respective weave techniques are quite different, with antique Senneh rugs having a single knotted construction with all of the vertical foundation threads, called warp threads, on a flat plane. Antique Senneh rugs tend to have a heavy twist to the knots and a granular feel from the back. Antique Bidjar rugs, on the other hand, feature a double knotted construction, with the two warps that are wrapped to form one knot being stacked directly one over the other. Antique Bidjar rugs are, hence, generally much heavier than antique Senneh rugs.

The ends of this outstanding antique Senneh rug retain much of the original webbing.