Project Description

5.9 x 8.10 New Hand Woven Natural Dye Persian Bidjar Rug, Vase Design

The “Vase” design seen in this new, hand woven genuine Persian Bidjar rug is one of the most famous classical Safavid Dynasty (circa 1501 – 1722) period rug formats. Rather than featuring actual vases, this format more frequently is composed using various palmettes and flowers.

This particular example is a masterpiece from the contemporary rug production we consider to be the best in the world. Due to the embargo on items of Iranian origin, it is no longer possible to import carpets from this production and examples of this caliber are now quite rare.

The variegated (“abrashed”) sky blue field is decorated with flowers and palmettes in shades of teal, camel , brick red, yellow coral, navy and aubergine.

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$ 11,250