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5 x 7 Antique Heriz Serapi Rug, Northwest Persia, Circa 1895

Small antique Heriz rugs of the age and caliber where they are often referred to as “Serapi” rugs are far less common than their room size carpet counterparts. This finely woven small Serapi rug is especially distinctive in featuring a combination of a yellow field with an all-over design.

Private collection, Massachusetts

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Heriz is a village in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan Province. In the late 19th century, small rugs, room size carpets, runners and a small number of bags were woven in the Heriz district, including in satellite villages such as Bakshaish and Karaja.

Although antique Heriz rugs are not typically as finely woven as their counterparts from villages and cities such as Bidjar or Kashan, they are renowned for their color quality and the charming geometric articulation of their designs.