Project Description

6.1 x 8 New Hand Woven Persian Bidjar Rug, Harshang Design

Hand woven utilizing natural dyes and hand spun wool from the contemporary Oriental rug production we consider to be the best in the world, this genuine Persian Bidjar rug features the classic Harshang design on a navy field. The madder red border is decorated with palmettes and leaves.

Due to the embargo on items of Iranian origin, rugs from this production can no longer be imported and exceptional examples are becoming a more rare commodity.

The range of colors in this finely woven Bidjar is exceptional. These are extremely durable rugs, suitable for high traffic areas in your home or office.

Rugs from this production comport well with antique rugs and are especially good options in a size like this, where finding an antique version would be very difficult.

Price:  $ 11,250