Project Description

8.6 x 10.4 Antique Heriz “Serapi” Carpet, Herati Design, Northwest Persia, Circa 1910

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This finely woven antique Heriz carpet is of the age and quality often referred to as antique “Serapi” carpets. It is distinctive in departing from the more standard format of a central medallion with corner spandrels in featuring an all-over design based on the Safavid period “Herati” design.

The Herati design can have various versions. All of which include flowerheads, diamonds and leaves or fish. In this case, which is done in large scale, the leaves or fish do not frame the diamond motif in the more standard manner and the palmettes are larger than typical. The framing of a diamond shape motif around a flowerhead is present, though in a less structured way than is typical.

The size of this antique Heriz carpet is also atypical, being slightly larger than 8 x 10.