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9.1 x 14.11 Antique Bakshaish Carpet, Mina Hani Design, Northwest Persia, Circa 1900

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The Mina Hani design is a classic Persian carpet format seen in a number of different types of rugs and carpets produced in the 19th century, including from as diverse weaving centers as Bidjar, Veramin and Heriz.

This carpet was woven in the Heriz district in northwest Persia’s Azerbaijan Province, probably in the village of Bakshaish. It features the Mina Hani format of large flowerheads with latticework. The terra cotta color field contains a small navy medallion and the Mina Hani design extends from the field into the ivory corner spandrels. A terra cotta color Turtle border frames the field.

Antique Bakshaish carpets are considered to be among the most decorative of antique Persian carpets from the last quarter of the 19th century, rivaling Sultanabad carpets.