Project Description

Antique QashQa’i Kilim (flat weave) Fragment Pillow, Southwest Persia, Circa 1900

Price: $ 175

This pillow, which is backed with velvet, was made from a fragment of the kilim (flat woven technique) back of an antique QashQa;i tribal bag.

The QashQa’i tribe, which actually consists of several different sub-groups, inhabits Fars Province in southwest Persia. QashQa’i weavers in the 19th and early 20th centuries wove the finest of all Persian rugs and bags. Typically, QashQa’i bags have a pile front, generally referred to as a “bag face” and a flat woven back, generally done using a kilim technique rather than the brocaded technique which might be used in bags by the Bakhtiari tribe.

Featuring naturally dyed shades of brick red, brownish-aubergine, denim blue and green, this QashQa’i kilim pillow would make a beautiful accent piece on a sofa.